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Sunday, March 15, 2009

pics, video, and a funny

So, here is the funny. I figure you will like it so, I was putting away some of the size 4's that are now fitting Maddie (partly due to the diaper being bulky) when she found this bathing suit that used to be Riley or Shelby's and declares, "Mommy, Manda buy this at Mal Mart for Dewwick!" I said, "Are you sure about that Maddie?" and she replies with, "Yeah, and I wanna wear it" there fore the pic for Manda! LOL! what a funny kiddo I have!
Here sis, I will take you for a spin!
"Let's leave Momma behind before she can stop us!"
"Ooooh you're gonna teach me to drive early"
"Momma look at us!"
"Can I have a kiss?"
"You see sis, to drive you have to push the gas pedal, and that thing between your legs is the gear shift. If you push it this way you will go backwards."
"Off we go"

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